CSCOPE Conference: Linking Twitter to CSCOPE

What a great group of passionate educators! My presentation at the CSCOPE conference in San Antonio, TX was “Linking Twitter to CSCOPE.” During this session, we talked about the power of collaboration and how “a lot of people doing a little” can make a big difference. I used Wikipedia as an example to illustrate this point and cited a quote from Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus. If you’d like the actual presentation, please contact me (I’ve provided a link to the Google Docs spreadsheet below).

I then talked about how we can leverage the power of having a common curriculum across the state to exchange ideas in an organized manner. We started a “grassroots effort,” where we mapped content areas to Twitter hashtags. When a teacher or student needs help, they simply need to refer to the hashtag.

We started it, but it’s up to the community of Texas educators utilizing CSCOPE to finish it. The work we accomplished is in this Google Docs spreadsheet. I encouraged all administrators and educators to go back to their districts and have their teachers collaborate and contribute their proposed hashtags to the spreadsheet.

The focus in the meeting was primarily high school, but we need to do this for K-12. For those making edits, please don’t delete anyone else’s work; rather, make a side note giving additional thoughts should you have any.

Let’s have a common goal of completing this by or before August 20th. That will allow for completion in time before most students come back to school.

Great day surrounded by great people!

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