New! Warehouse of Mobile Augmented Reality Resources for Education

New! Warehouse of Mobile Augmented Reality Resources for Education

With the emergence of the mobile augmented reality app Aurasma, user-generated mobile AR is not only possible; it’s downright easy.

We can amplify its effectiveness in education by providing a community of mobile AR “resources” (lessons, assessments, worksheets, etc.) for educators to download and upload their own AR creations.

Think of this as like (legal) peer-to-peer file sharing for augmented reality, exclusively for education.

Along with Mac and PC augmented reality files, the “AR files” section of K12 Mobile Learning now contains a community of mobile AR resources for educational use.

Link: Augmented Reality Community Resources for Education

Here’s a challenge:  Who will be the first to upload a mobile augmented reality resource for education?

For now, it’s just for Aurasma since it’s the most advanced and impressive.  As this technology progresses, this may include multiple apps for multiple mobile platforms.  Please remember that this site is in no way affiliated with Aurasma.

For example, if you’ve embedded a traditional worksheet with AR content, you can upload that worksheet here (assuming it’s yours to upload) and tell everyone your Aurasma username.  Now, everyone has access to your “21stcentury worksheet” and there’s nothing else to download other than Aurasma.

So let’s play out a scenario…

  • Teacher wants interactive content for classroom use
  • Teacher downloads worksheet with embedded AR info on it from K12 Mobile Learning
  • Teacher makes copies of this worksheet for students
  • Students subscribe to the original uploader’s Aurasma username
  • Student hovers iOS’ camera over AR tag on worksheet for supplemental content (videos, solutions, images, etc.)

The primary focus of the community here will be on mobile AR content with Mac and PC AR as a secondary focus.  That’s not to say that Mac and PC AR isn’t groundbreaking, it’s just that mobile AR leverages the power of mobile devices to provide for anywhere, anytime learning opportunities.

Watch my basic video demo for a brief demo.

How to create and upload mobile AR-enhanced content:

Learn more about Aurasma and how to use this app.

  • Find a lesson, worksheet, assessment, or any other educational resource you have permission to modify.
  • Tag this resource with AR content using Aurasma
  • Login (creating an account is free)
  • Identify your Aurasma ID
  • Upload your resource in the appropriate directory.

How to download mobile AR resources:

Learn more about Aurasma and how to use this app.

  • Login (creating an account is free)
  • Find an AR resource within your subject area
  • Find the uploader’s Aurasma ID and subscribe to their channel in Aurasma
  • Download your resource (3d object or document containing embedded AR info)
  • Hover your iOS device’s camera over the tagged areas

Undoubtedly, there will be new developments with AR emerge over the next several months, and I will seek to update accordingly.  This is great step in the right direction toward education innovation.


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